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        layers   2nd  
       clips   2nd  
       Web pages  
Neko.saver Web site  
Neon Glow filter (Photoshop Elements)  
NetFinder client (FTP)  
Network Associates Web site  
network drives
       as backup devices  
Network preference  
network services
       disabling for security purposes  
network sharing  
network sharing services
               FTP access  
               personal Web sharing  
               ppc (program-to program communication)  
               printer sharing  
               ssh (secure shell)  
               Windows file sharing  
networked backups
       .   [See also protocols]
networks   [See also wireless networks]
               activating   2nd   3rd  
       connecting your Mac to  
       file sharing
               SSH (secure shell)  
       Internet connections
               AirPort   2nd  
               built-in Ethernet  
               creating   2nd  
               Internet Connect utility   2nd  
               Internet Sharing   2nd  
               ISPs, logging in   2nd  
               modems   2nd  
       Personal File Sharing
               activating   2nd   3rd  
               locations, setting  
               priorities, setting   2nd   3rd  
               SSH (secure shell)  
               firewalls   2nd  
       services   2nd  
       shared folders
               connecting to   2nd   3rd   4th  
New Adjustment Layer command (Photoshop Elements)  
New command (Photoshop Elements)  
New dialog box (Photoshop Elements)  
New Finder Window command  
New Folder command  
New Layer dialog box (Photoshop Elements)  
New Note command (Stickies File menu)  
niversal Serial Bus (USB)  
       adding (Photoshop Elements)  
Noise filters
       Add Noise filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Despeckle filter (Photoshop Elements)  
       Dust & Scratches filter (Photoshop Elements)   2nd  
       Median filter (Photoshop Elements)  
Noise filters (Photoshop Elements)  
nonlinear editing
normal users
       local security   2nd  
Norton AntiVirus
       virus software   2nd  
Norton Utilities
       hard drive repairs   2nd  
Note menu commands (Stickies)  

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