Chapter 27. Sharing (and Securing) Your Computer

Now that you've learned how to use multimedia applications, including the iLife suite and Photoshop Elements, it's time to return focus to your operating system and some topics dealing with advanced system management. The chapters in this section are more challenging than in the previous ones, but with powerful tools such as your Macintosh often come complex features and their related upsides and downsides.

In this chapter, our attention will be on sharing your system and files with others and the flip side of that, protection from unwelcome visitors . First, we'll delve into how to set up your computer so other users can have their own space. We'll then look at the ways that you can share files from your Mac. (You'll also learn how to connect to other computers that are sharing their files.) Our last topic will be security, both local and online, where you will learn some ways to protect your computer from unauthorized users.

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