Chapter 17. Exporting iMovies

In this chapter, you take a look at what you can do with your movies after you complete them ”prepare them for email, Web, and disc delivery. You look behind the scenes at how you can export in different directions, and take a brief look at how an iMovie can be delivered with programs such as Mail (for emailing), Roxio's Toast (for CD-ROM and Video CD), and PlayStream's Content Manager (for putting iMovies on the Web). We'll also look at exporting your iMovies to iDVD for delivery via DVD.

When your iMovie is edited and ready to share, there are two ways that you can deliver it. Each method can be easily accessed from iMovie. You can deliver your iMovie using either tape (using a camera) or a file (when you'll be delivering by email, the Web, or disc such as CD or DVD).

When you're going back out to tape, some of the main considerations are how much time you have left on the tape and how long your iMovie is. But you'll generally want to put your iMovie at the beginning of the videotape so that it's easy to get to.

When you want to share an iMovie as a file, the file size could be more of a consideration. When you share an iMovie through email, the Web, or on disc (CD/DVD), each method of delivery results in a file that has a particular amount of compression. To get an appropriate file size that fits the delivery method, iMovie has to squeeze the file. So, you might notice a considerable difference in the image quality between what you see in iMovie and what you see when you send the file.

As with some other aspects of iMovie, you can take its advice, and when you choose a way to share your iMovie, you can accept the suggested compression settings that Apple engineers have calculated as the appropriate settings for typical situations. Doing so makes it easy to take your iMovie in a number of different directions. (You can also use the Expert settings that were mentioned in Chapter 13, "Getting Started with iMovie" to accomplish advanced adjustment of your iMovie.)

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