Removed Packages

If you can’t seem to find a software package you relied on in previous Red Hat Linux or Fedora Core distributions, you might be interested in the following list. It shows packages from Fedora Core 2 that are not in the Fedora Core3 distribution:

  • ac-archive: The Autoconf Macro Archive providing macros for the autoconf tool.

  • anaconda-images: Graphical images used in the anaconda installer.

  • bluez-pan: Bluetooth personal area networking tools.

  • chromium: An arcade-style shooting game.

  • commons-*: A set of packages for developing reusable JAVA components under the Apache Jakarta Commons project (

  • dev: Commonly used Linux device files.

  • devlabel: Consistent storage device access facilitated by symlinking.

  • dvdrecord: A command-line CD/DVD recording program.

  • fam: Tracks file system changes through a daemon and API.

  • fam-devel: Libraries and header files for fam.

  • glade: Software for developing quick user interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit.

  • gqview: Feature rich image viewer.

  • Gtk-Perl: Perl extensions for gtk+ that facilitate GUI creation using Perl.

  • iiimf-client-lib: Removed element of the Intranet/Internet Input Method Framework packages.

  • iiimf-client-lib-devel: Removed element of the Intranet/Internet Input Method Framework packages.

  • iiimf-le-inpinyin: Removed element of the Intranet/Internet Input Method Framework packages.

  • imlib-cfgeditor: Removed element of the Intranet/Internet Input Method Framework packages.

  • iscsi: The iSCSI daemon and utility programs.

  • kde-i18n: Korean and Lithuanian packages removed.

  • kernel-source: The source code files that are used to build the Red Hat Linux kernel.

  • libfortran-ssa: GCC Fortran support.

  • libfortran-ssa-devel: GCC Fortran support libraries.

  • libgcc-ssa: GCC version 3.0 shared support library.

  • libgcj-ssa: Java runtime library for GCC.

  • libgcj-ssa-devel: Libraries for Java development using GCC version 3.

  • libgcj34: Java runtime library for GCC version 3.4.

  • libjcg34-devel: Libraries for java development using GCC.

  • libgnomeprint: GNOME printing library.

  • libgnomeprint-devel: Libraries for developing printing in GNOME applications.

  • libgnomeprintui: GUI support for libgnome print.

  • libgnomeprintui-devel: Libraries for compiling libgnomeprintui applications.

  • libole2: Structured storage OLE2 (Object Linking and Embedding) library.

  • libole2-devel: Header files to develop applications for OLE2-structured storage files.

  • librep: Tools and documentation associated with the librep Lisp dialect.

  • librep-devel: Header files and tools associated with the libred Lisp dialect.

  • libstdc++-ssa: GNU Standard C++ Library Version 3.

  • libstdc++-ssa-devel: Header files and libraries for C++ development.

  • libstdc++34: GNU Standard C++ Library version 3.4.

  • libstdc++34-devel: Header files and libraries for C++ development.

  • licq: The licq ICQ chat utility.

  • licq-gnome: A GNOME front-end for licq.

  • licq-kde: A KDE front-end for licq.

  • licq-qt: A Qt front-end for licq.

  • licq-text: A text mode front-end for licq.

  • lvm: The old version of Logical Volume Manager for Linux.

  • magicdev: The magicdev daemon for detecting and playing audio CDs.

  • mx4j: Libraries to support Java Management Extenstions (JMX).

  • mx4j-devel: Headers required to support Java Management Extensions (JMX).

  • mx4j-tools: Tools to use with Java Management Extensions (JMX).

  • mysql: Jdbc and jdbc-tomcat removed.

  • ncurses-c++-devel: C++ bindings to ncurses.

  • njamd: An advanced debugger for detecting memory allocation errors.

  • pidentd: The pidentd daemon for returning identity information.

  • pilot-link095-compat: Compatibility libraries for pilot-link095.

  • policy: SELinux example policy configuration.

  • raidtools: Several raid utilities for configuring raid file system devices.

  • redhat-java-rpm-scripts: Java configuration scripts.

  • rep-gtk: The rep-gtk binding of GTK+ for the rep Lisp interpreter.

  • sawfish: The sawfish X11 window manager.

  • servletapi: Jakarta Servlet and JSP API.

  • struts: Framework for building Java Web applications.

  • struts-webapps: Sample Web applications using Struts.

  • system-config-proc: This is a tool for configuring operating system tunable parameters.

  • tomcat: Components that make up the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages reference technology.

  • tomcat-devel: Development tools associated with Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages.

  • tomcat-libs: Libraries associated with Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages.

  • tomcat-test: Test suite for Tomcat technology.

  • unarj: A utility for uncompressing .arj compressed archives.

  • Wnn6-SDK: The Wnn6 client runtime library.

  • Wnn6-SDK-devel: Library and header files for Wnn6 client development.

  • xorg-x11: Several fonts removed, libs-data, syriac-fonts and trutypes-font.

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