NIS and Active Directory

If you have to work with both Microsoft Windows users and Linux users, you may find yourself in need of some integration. If your Windows network uses a Domain with Active Directory (AD) authentication, it would be handy to have that same user information available to Linux clients. If you install the NIS server service on Windows 2000/2003 Domain Controllers (DC), you will be able to start this integration.

By installing windows services for UNIX (version 3.5 is available at, you can setup your Windows DC as a master NIS server.

After NIS is installed you can enable password synchronization, migrate NIS maps into your AD configuration, and perform a range of other options. One particularly handy feature is the ability to administer your NIS maps from your Windows server. This allows you to manage Windows and Linux accounts and configuration form one place.


For more information abou the Microsoft implementation of NIS services in general, see

All of your Linux NIS servers will need to be configured as slaves with the Windows server as a master. This is the only configuration supported, probably due to the fact that this Windows service was developed as a migration tool for user moving from UNIX to Windows only. In any event, if you desire the cross-platform functionality, run the graphical installer for Windows UNIX services and you will have the option to add NIS. Once the services are installed, click Start ® Programs ® Windows Services for UNIX ® Services for UNIX Administration and the select the Server for NIS option. This will allow you to add slave servers and in general manage your NIS infrastructure.

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