List of Tables

Chapter 1: Global Heterogeneity in the Emerging M-Commerce Landscape

Table 1: Mobile and Fixed Penetrations, Per Capita GNP, and Internet Use
Table 2: A Comparison of Fixed and Wireless Internet Users in Western Europe, the United States and the World
Table 3: Factors Influencing the Diffusion Patterns of Mobile Technologies
Table 4: A Comparison of Different Standards of Mobile Phones in Use Today
Table 5: Comparative Regional Environments for M-Commerce Development

Chapter 2: Assessing the Market Potential of Network-Enabled 3G M-Business Services

Table 1: Basic, but Inherently Limiting, Distinctions Between E-Business/ E-Commerce and M-Business/M-Commerce

Chapter 3: Mobile E-Commerce and the Wireless Worldwide Web: Strategic Perspectives on the Internet's Emerging Model

Table 1: Penetration of Mobile Data Users by Region

Chapter 4: Opportunities and Limitations in M-Commerce

Table 1: A Comparsion Between 2.5G and 3G

Chapter 5: Understanding Emergent M-Commerce Services by using Business Network Analysis: The Case of Finland

Table 1: Rapid Growth of Finnish Telecommunications Industry
Table 2: The Finnish ICT-Cluster 1999
Table 3: Mobile Telecom Business Activity Set
Table 4: Mobile Telecom Business Resource Set

Chapter 6: Understanding the Mobile Consumer

Table 1: Wireless Network Technologies: Current and Future ,
Table 2: M-Consumer Needs and Corresponding Concerns
Table 3: Mobile Value Network Member Responsibilities to M-Consumer
Table 4: Characteristics of M-Commerce Consumer Business Applications (Coursaris & Hassanein, 2002)
Table 5: Regional M-Commerce Revenue (US$ billion) (Canvas, 2001)

Chapter 7: Intelligent Product Brokering and User Preference Tracking

Table 1: Specifications for Compaq's iPAQ Pocket PC H3870

Chapter 8: Directions in Wireless Telecommunications: Analytical and Operational Pathfinders

Table 1: Mobile Narrowband Wireless Market Drivers
Table 2: The Five Concurrent Telecom Drivers, 1996–2001
Table 3: Relative Percent Service Mix Shift
Table 4: Telecommunications Mode Percent Mix Shift
Table 5: Wireless Technology Comparative Table
Table 6: Development Cycle Time Survey Results
Table 7: Wireless Narrowband Adoption Rates
Table 8: Important Worldwide Trends and Indicators
Table 9: Bottoms-Up Approach—Return and Cost Estimates
Table 10: Comparative Company Market Capitalization
Table 11: AT&T's Abridged Financials (Unaudited)
Table 12: AT&T's Z-Score Calculation
Table 13: Adjusted Altman's Z-Score Based on Gross Margin Divergence

Chapter 10: Usability Issues and Limitations of Mobile Devices

Table 1: Frequency and Usage of All Devices
Table 2: Frequency and Usage of Features for PDA
Table 3: Frequency and Usage of Features for Laptops
Table 4: Frequency and Usage of Features for Desktop
Table 5: Frequency of Usage of Internet on Various Devices
Table 6: Purposes for Accessing the Internet
Table 7: Priority of Usage of the Internet on Various Devices

Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
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