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e-learning's greatest hits
E-Learning's Greatest Hits
by Clive Shepherd ISBN:0954590406
Above and Beyond 2003 (189 pages)

This resource defines e-learning, discusses its advantages, suggests ways to make the best of e-learning, the infrastructure necessary to support it, how to integrate it into our learning strategy, and much more.

Table of Contents
E-learning’s Greatest Hits
Part I - Management
Making E-Learning Work
All The Online Courses – Where Do They All Come From?
Endgame—Encouraging Completion In E-Learning
In Search Of The Perfect E-Learning Buyer
Somewhere, A Place To Learn
The Quest For Quality
Part II - Skills
The Classroom Trainer In The Online World
Skilling Up – Learning About E-Learning
In Search Of The Perfect E-Tutor
Training the E-Trainer
Part III - Technologies
A Day In The Life Of A Learning Management System
Making The Case For Content
M Is For Maybe
E-Labs – The Great Experiment
Hosting The E-Learning Party
When Training Won’t Work – The Case For Electronic Performance Support
Content Builders – Tools For E-Learning Authors
Becoming An Online Media Mogul
Learning Swap Shop
Part IV - Design and Development
In Search Of The Perfect E-Learner
Engineering E-Learning
Games E-Learners Play
Objects Of Interest
The End Of The Course As We Know It
Open Access – Your Flexible Friend
Speaking In Tongues
Checking Out – Assessing Learning Online
Part V - In Conclusion
Back To Basics
E-Learning Glossary
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Case Studies
List of Sidebars

E-Learning's Greatest Hits
E-learnings Greatest Hits
ISBN: 0954590406
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 198
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