4.5 Tool kits

4.5 Tool kits

Typically, tool kits are self-paced programs consisting of a number of modules that CSRs can use to study alone or in small groups. Using workbooks and audiocassettes, a CSR can complete a module and be back on line in less than 45 minutes. In some instances, working through the exercises alone is all that's necessary; in other cases, a CSR will work with a coach or peer to obtain feedback on his or her progress. The kits include a matrix describing the specific skill or knowledge gaps each module covers. This means that a CSR's training efforts can be focused on particular area(s) of need. Tool kits are available to assist CSRs in developing and refining the following skills:

  • Effective listening

  • Overcoming language barriers

  • Preparing to take the call

  • Telephone professionalism

  • Improving voice quality

  • Asking the right questions

  • Identifying social styles and selecting strategies

  • Identifying skills and maintaining call control

  • Offering solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction

  • Emotional self-control

  • Handling difficult calls

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