11.2 Installation

Mason is not installed on many distributions, including Red Hat (yet), so we'll go through the the drill of installing it manually. First though, two other modules must be installed: MLDBM (Multi-Level DataBase Manager) and Params::Validate . MLDBM is a Perl module that allows the storage and retrieval of multidimensional data structures. Mason uses MLDBM to store its cache files.

To install MLDBM , get the latest version (as of the writing of this book, 2.00) from www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/MLDBM/. Save MLDBM-2.00.tar.gz to /tmp . Then, as root :

 #  cd /tmp  #  tar xzvf MLDBM-2.00.tar.gz  #  cd MLDBM-2.00  #  perl Makefile.PL  #  make  #  make test  #  make install  

Next install Params::Validate . Mason uses this module to validate function call arguments. Get the latest version available (as of this writing, version 0.07) from www.cpan.org/modules/by-authors/id/D/DR/DROLSKY/. Next, download Params-Validate-0.07.tar.gz , and save it to /tmp . Then, as root :

 #  cd /tmp  #  tar xzvf Params-Validate-0.07.tar.gz  #  cd Params-Validate-0.07  #  perl Makefile.PL  #  make  #  make test  #  make install  

Now your system is prepped for HTML::Mason . The latest version (as of this writing, version 1.04) can be found at www.cpan.org/modules/by-module/HTML/. Get HTML-Mason-1.04.tar.gz , and save it to /tmp . Then, as root :

 #  cd /tmp  #  tar xzvf HTML-Mason-1.04.tar.gz  #  cd HTML-Mason-1.04  #  perl Makefile.PL  Checking for MLDBM...ok  Checking for Data::Dumper...ok  Checking for Params::Validate...ok  -------------------- Creating Mason configuration file.  Checking for existing configuration...not found. 

More stuff is printed, and then we are prompted for information:

 For testing purposes, please give the full path to an httpd  with mod perl enabled. The path defaults to $ENVAPACHE, if present.   [/usr/sbin/httpd] (! to skip):  <ret>  Search existing config file for dynamic module dependencies? [y]:  <ret>  Config file [/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf]:  <ret>  ...  User to run tests under [nobody]:  apache  Group to run tests under [nobody]:  apache  Port to run tests under [8228]:  <ret>  #  make  #  make test  #  make install  

If you've gotten something like this and had no errors installing the previous Perl modules, everything is installed and you're good to go.

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