DocBook: The Definitive Guide

docbook: the definitive guide
By Norman Walsh & Leonard Muellner
1st Edition October 1999
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DocBook: The Definitive Guide


VideoObject -- A wrapper for video data and its associated meta-information


Content Model

VideoObject ::= (ObjectInfo?,VideoData)


Common attributes

Tag Minimization

Both the start- and end-tags are required for this element.

Parameter Entities



A VideoObject is a wrapper containing VideoData and its associated meta-information.

Processing expectations

May be formatted inline or as a displayed block, depending on context. It might not be rendered at all, depending on its placement within a MediaObject or InlineMediaObject and the constraints on the publishing system. For a more detailed description of the semantics involved, see MediaObject.


These elements contain VideoObject: InlineMediaObject, MediaObject.


The following elements occur in VideoObject: ObjectInfo, VideoData.

In some contexts, the following elements are allowed anywhere: BeginPage, IndexTerm.

See Also

Alt, AudioObject, Caption, Graphic, ImageObject, InlineGraphic, InlineMediaObject, MediaObject, TextObject


<!DOCTYPE mediaobject PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN"> <mediaobject> <videoobject> <videodata fileref='movie.avi'> </videoobject> <imageobject> <imagedata fileref='movie-frame.gif'> </imageobject> <textobject> <para>This video illustrates the proper way to assemble an inverting time distortion device. </para> <warning> <para> It is imperative that the primary and secondary temporal couplings not be mounted in the wrong order. Temporal catastrophe is the likely result. The future you destroy may be your own. </para> </warning> </textobject> </mediaobject>


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