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V recommendations
V.90 recommendation
variables , Asterisk
VARs, choosing
VERBOSE command, AGI
video surveillance
video, SIP supporting
videoconferencing 2nd
Virbiage Firefly softphone
Virtual LAN (VLAN) 2nd
Virtual Private Networks
VLAN (Virtual LAN) 2nd
VLAN trunks
VoATM (voice over ATM)
VOCAL (Vovida Open Communication Application Library) 2nd 3rd
VOCP tool
voice conferencing server, vendors for
voice mail 2nd 3rd
        building system for
        email notification
        software vendors for 2nd
        web access to
voice over ATM (VoATM)
voice spam
voice transmission
voice-over-broadband interface equipment, vendors for
Voiceent Gateway
VoiceMail command, Asterisk 2nd
voicemail.conf file, Asterisk 2nd 3rd
VoiceMailMain command, Asterisk
VoicePipe service
VoicePulse 2nd
VoicePulse Open Access
VoiceTronix OpenLine 4 interface card
VoiceTronix OpenSwitch 6 interface card
VoIP (Voice over IP) 2nd 3rd
        access control
        advantages of 2nd
        applications of
        business environment, compatibility with
        business use of
        compared to T1
        cost of
        disadvantages of
        distributed functionality of
        home use of
        implementation of
        implementation scenario, compatibility with 2nd
        in enterprise networks
        network efficiency benefits
        network environment, compatibility with 2nd
        platform for, choosing
        potential problems migrating to
        productivity gains by
        readiness of
        ROI for, calculating
        security for
        signaling protocols
        software bugs , status and reporting
        staged rollout of
VoIP network
        connecting dial-tone trunks to
        example of
VoIP network infrastructure
        client-server model
        connecting multiple networks
        disaster survivability
        distributed model
        for MANs
        legacy trunks
        load management
        peer-by-peer codec selection
        road warrior access
        TCP/IP for VoIP trunks
        VoIP trunks
        WAN design and
VoIP over dial-up
VoIP servers
        compared to endpoints
        vendors for
VoIP service providers
VoIP trunks 2nd 3rd
        capacity of, increasing
        load management and
        registering in Asterisk
        TCP/IP as transport for
        when to use
VoIP-compatible routers
VoIPVoice Cyberphone K
VoIPX, why it's not possible
Vonage 2nd 3rd
VoNetBEUI, why it's not possible
VPN (virtual private network)
        as IP carrier with TCP/IP
        compatibility with VoIP
        NAT working with
VPN concentrator
VTech USB7100 cordless USB handset

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
ISBN: 0596008686
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 172

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