Section 17.1. How Asterisk Is Supported

17.1. How Asterisk Is Supported

Asterisk's principle sponsor is a firm called Digium, based in the United States. The company provides development leadership and commercial support for the open source system. It also manufactures and distributes the Wildcard interface devices and iAXY ATA used in some of the projects in this book. A number of independent consultants provide commercial support for Asterisk. Susbcribing to the Asterisk Business Users' email list is a great way to solicit commercial assistance from telephony experts.

To use Digium's support lists, visit, where you'll find several lists covering commercial announcements, business-oriented discussion, running Asterisk on BSD operating systems, Asterisk's documentation, DUNDi, SS7, and more. Before posting a question to Digium's (very busy) support lists, be sure to search for the answer first using the online web archive. Some of the lists generate dozens to hundreds of messages a day, so it's better for everybody if you post a new issue only if you absolutely have to.

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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