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IAX (Inter-Asterisk Exchange) protocol 2nd
     register feature with dynamic IP addresses
     support by JAJAH
     used with legacy signaling on Asterisk PBX
     VoIP clients
IAXy FXS gateway
ICMP packets
ID3 library
iLife applications
IMTO: prefix
incompatible phones
inline power
inline recorder switches
installing and testing server on Linux PC
         Linux-specific start and stop scripts
         starting and stopping server
instant messaging
     recording voice calls on Windows PC
     Skype instant messaging
integrating Skype into
         experimenting for perfect Skypecast
         Mac podcasting tools
         Windows podcasting tools
Intel 537EP chipset
Intel V.92 Data/Fax/Voice modem card
interactive voice response (IVR)
     Sipura ATA
interface cards
international calls
     routing calls over using pure VoIP dialing 2nd 3rd
     using to link several remote Asterisk PBXs 2nd 3rd 4th
Internet Phone Wizard 2nd 3rd
INVITE method (SIP) 2nd
IP addresses
     setting for Uniden IP phones
IP phones 2nd
     allowing to place calls via Asterisk
     configuration with TFTP 2nd 3rd
     configuring BudgeTone 101
     recording calls on your PC
     setting to use SIP server
IP Precedence
IP telephony
IP telephony access devices
IP-to-IP calling
     enabling for Uniden IP phone
     policy commands for kernel firewall
     controlling from Phlink 2nd

VoIP Hacks
VoIP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony
ISBN: 0596101333
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 156

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