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access signaling by analog devices
access signaling protocol (SIP)
ACK method (SIP) 2nd
Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard
Address Book 2nd 3rd
ADSL subscribers using Linux
aLaw encoding
Ambrosia Software
     Snapz Pro X
     WireTap Pro
AMP (Asterisk Management Portal) 2nd 3rd 4th
     configuring MySQL database
     downloading and installing
     Perl modules
     running install script
     setup process
     software prerequisites
analog modems
analog phones and phone lines
analog telephones
     connecting to Asterisk server
     connecting to SPA-2000 ATA
     hooking up to Skype network 2nd
     placing and receiving calls via the Internet
Answering Machine 2nd 3rd 4th
     rotating greetings with Windows
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)
     use by AMP web-based GUI
     AirPort Express
     Mac mini 2nd 3rd 4th
Apple iChat
     caller ID for Phlink
     calling Address Book contacts with SKype 2nd 3rd
application-based QoS
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
ARP poisoning 2nd
Asterisk 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st 32nd 33rd 34th 35th 36th 37th 38th 39th 40th 41st 42nd 43rd 44th 45th 46th 47th 48th 49th 50th 51st 52nd
     attaching SIP phone 2nd
     connecting legacy phone line using Zaptel 2nd
     connecting PSTN phone line using Sipura SPA-3000 ATA 2nd
     connecting standard phone line using FXO gateway 2nd
     connecting telephony devices to
     connecting to Skype network
    dial plan
         for PBXs linked over the Internet
         Monitor command
         routing Skype calls to
     faxes 2nd 3rd
     forwarding home calls to your cell phone 2nd
     four-line phone server 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     getting daily weather forecast
     installing and testing server on Linux PC 2nd 3rd 4th
     integrating X10 controls with phone system 2nd
     LDAP client
     linking servers with PSTN 2nd
     Mac mini PBX
     monitoring from Perl scripts 2nd
     music-on-hold 2nd 3rd
     recording calls 2nd
     reporting telephone activity with Excel
     routing calls with distinctive ring 2nd 3rd
     software components for Linux
     teaching Asterisk box to speak 2nd 3rd 4th
     tuning up logs
     voicemail greeting updates 2nd 3rd 4th
     voicemail server
     web-based administration interface 2nd
asterisk (modular software daemon)
Asterisk Gateway Interface
Asterisk Manager API
asterisk-perl module
     Asterisk Manager example
Asterisk::AGI Perl module
Asterisk::Manager class
AstLinux 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
     addmailbox script
     current features
     hardware requirements
     installing from CD-ROM
     installing from Linux
     installing from Windows
     PBX-only mode
AstShape Provider script 2nd
AstShape script 2nd 3rd 4th
ATAs (analog telephone adapters)
     automatic registration with VoIP service provider
     choosing your own
     connecting analog phones to Mac mini PBX
     connecting to your network
     connection to modular phone jack 2nd
     keeping firmware up to date 2nd
     listing of ATAs that provide
     media gateway
     number of phones connected
     placement of
     providing dial tone to your analog phones
     Sipura SPA-3000
audio chat 2nd
audio fidelity
Audio Hijack
Audio Voice Cloak
auditing for VoIP network
    QoS (Quality of Service)
         using traceroute
Authentication ID
Authorization User setting (X-Lite)
auto-attendant for calls (Call Soft Pro)
automatic call answering
automatic ring-through 2nd
avatars (buddy icons)

VoIP Hacks
VoIP Hacks: Tips & Tools for Internet Telephony
ISBN: 0596101333
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 156

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