Chapter 8: Core DotNetNuke APIs


This chapter covered the architecture of the DotNetNuke application. Here are key points to understand about the architecture:

  • The Provider Model design pattern enhanced DotNetNuke with greater extensibility without having to make core changes to realize that extensibility.

  • The use of Custom Business Objects along with the CBO Hydrator created a foundation for developers to code using best-practice standards that enable them to build more maintainable modules and providers that perform well.

  • The Membership Provider in DotNetNuke created an extensible security model that showcases an API that mirrors the API found in ASP.NET 2.0.

  • The namespace model is organized in a logical hierarchy that makes it easy to find the classes used most often.

In the next chapter, you'll explore the core DotNetNuke APIs and discover many of the powerful services that the DotNetNuke core application provides developers.

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