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The first five effects can be applied by simply clicking an icon. To see the impact of each effect, you can compare its picture to the original on the previous page.

Sharpen. This effect increases the amount of fine detail visible in an image. Because digital photos and scans are often slightly fuzzy, you'll want to apply this effect to many shots. While Sharpen can be applied multiple times to the same image, more than once is typically overkill. That is, you probably won't be able to use Sharpen to salvage an extremely blurry shot.


Sepia. Apply the Sepia effect to transform an image into an antique-style duotone photo. The result is a black-and-white image with a brownish tint.


B&W. Use the B&W effect to turn any color image into a black-and-white photograph.


Warmify. This effect adds 'warmth' to a photo. It's very useful when people appear pale (often due to poor lighting).

Film Grain. Use this artistic effect to simulate the mottled, graininess of a photo shot on film. The effect is especially noticeable in solid-colored areas, such as the gray wall.

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