Get to Know Your Microphone

Once you set up your mic, test it out with many tries before recording for good. Test different distances from your mouth (if you're wearing a headset, your mic should still be flexible enough to find a good spot), test what happens if you turn your head, and find a place where there will be the least amount of "noise" from your mouth (popping p's, sibilant s's, and so on).


Many a beginning podcaster has been horrified to hear herself spiking her levels as she says p's and s's. The hiss of sibilant s's has actually caused us to stop listening to some podcasts, as it can be literally painful to hear. To avoid this, try these tips:

  • Speak over the top of the mic, not directly into it.

  • Buy a pop filter (or if you're on a budget, make one from a pair of pantyhose, a cross stitch ring, and a coat hanger).

  • Back off from the mic just a bit to where your voice still comes through but the forceful air that causes these vocal gaffes is dispersed.

  • And for goodness sake, test out the mic before you start recording!

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
Tricks of the Podcasting Masters
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