Appendix C: Useful Links

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This section provides a number of links to sites about LDAP. Of course, new sites are always appearing, and other sites will disappear (this is particularly true in the case of personal home pages). However, the following links are a good starting point to find out more about the LDAP protocol and its application.


  • Contains the LDAP source distribution and a lot of useful information.

  • General information about LDAP, recently the maintainer, Innosoft was aquired by Sun Microsystems.

  • List of LDAP resources.

  • Portal for Sun ONE.

  • Useful information for LDAP developers.

  • An LDAP roadmap and FAQ.

  • Introduction to LDAP.

  • Resource listing for LDAP.

  • Information and links from Microsoft's Active Directory.

  • LDAP Resources

  • LDAP resources.

  • Maintained by IBM; list of online books; search for LDAP or X.500.

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