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Macromedia® Flash® Professional 8 UNLEASHED
By David Vogeleer, Eddie Wilson, Lou Barber
Publisher: Sams
Pub Date: October 12, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32761-9
Pages: 1008

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   Part I.  Getting Started
      Chapter 1.  What's New?
      The Interface
      The Fastest Flash Player Ever
      Stroke Improvements
      Video in Flash
      New Dynamic Content
      File Upload
      Chapter 2.  Getting Started with Flash Professional 8
      Humble BeginningsWhere Flash Came From
      The Interface
      Making a Better Workspace
      Chapter 3.  Creating Graphics in Flash
      The Toolbar
      Colors and Gradients
      Grouping and Drawing Objects
      Importing and Working with Bitmaps
      Chapter 4.  Flash Animation
      Welcome to the Timeline
      Frame by Frame
      Chapter 5.  Symbols, Instances, and the Library
      What Is a Symbol?
      What Is an Instance?
      The Graphic Symbol
      The Button Symbol
      The Movie Clip Symbol
      The Library
      Back to the Timeline
      Chapter 6.  Working with Sound and Video
      Why Sound?
      Adding Sound
      Sound in the Properties Inspector
      Syncing and Looping
      Compressing Sound
      Sound with ActionScript
      Video in Flash
      Chapter 7.  Publishing
      The Publish Settings
      Publishing Profiles
      The Formats Tab
      Flash Player 8 and SWFs
      The Flash Tab
      The HTML Tab
      The GIF Tab
      The PNG Tab
      The JPEG Tab
      The QuickTime Tab
   Part II.  ActionScript
      Chapter 8.  Welcome to ActionScript 2.0
      What Is ActionScript?
      Object-Oriented Programming
      Where Do Objects Come From?
      Prototyping an Object
      Introduction to ActionScript 2.0
      Strict Data Typing Variables
      Strict Data Typing with Functions
      The Actions Panel
      Actions Panel Preferences
      Reference/Help Panel
      Behaviors and the Behaviors Panel
      ActionScript Fundamentals
      Code Hints and Naming Conventions
      Dot Syntax
      The Movie Clip Object
      Loop Statements
      Chapter 9.  Strings, Numbers and VariablesIn Depth
      Types of Data Types
      The String Data Type
      Manipulating Strings
      The Number Data Type
      Boolean Data Type
      Null Data Type
      Undefined Data Type
      Array Data Type
      Chapter 10.  Arrays
      What Is an Array and How Does It Work?
      Deconstructing an Array
      Creating an Array
      Retrieving Information from an Array
      Adding Elements to Arrays
      Naming Array Elements
      Removing Array Elements
      Changing Elements in Arrays
      Advanced Nested Arrays
      Additional Array Methods
      Sorting Arrays
      Applied Example
      Chapter 11.  Statements and Expressions
      Statement Syntax
      Object Statements
      Flow Modifiers
      Chapter 12.  Functions
      Creating a Function
      Running the Function
      Using Parameters in Functions
      Functions That Return Values
      Nested Functions
      Function Scope
      Mapping to a Function
      The _global Identifier
      Variables and Functions
      The Arguments Class
      Functions Built In to Flash
      Chapter 13.  The Movie Clip Object
      Creating Movie Clips
      Manipulating Movie Clips
      Removing Movie Clips
      The Drawing API
      Chapter 14.  Events
      Handling Events
      Button Events
      Movie Clip Events
      Events of the Mouse Object
      Events of the Key Object
      Events of the TextField Object
      Cross-Object Events
      Chapter 15.  Working with Text
      The Text Field Interface
      Creating Text Fields
      Creating Text Fields in ActionScript
      Formatting the Text in Text Fields
      Scrolling Text Fields
      HTML Text in Text Fields
      Multilanguage Text
      Chapter 16.  Components
      What Is a Component?
      Getting Started with Components
      Skinning Components
      The dataProvider Property
      Data Binding
      Creating a Version 2.0 Component
      Chapter 17.  Debugging
      What Is Debugging?
      Planning Ahead
      Tools of the Trade
   Part III.  Outside of Flash
      Chapter 18.  External ActionScript
      Why Use External ActionScript?
      #include Versus Classpath
      Getting Started with External Class Files
      Bringing It All Together
      Chapter 19.  Loading Visual Content
      Why Load External Content?
      What Content Can Be Loaded and Where?
      Loading Images Dynamically
      Loading SWF Files into Flash
      Loading External Content into Text Fields
      Chapter 20.  Introduction to Data Integration
      Why Dynamic Content?
      The getURL() Method
      The MIME Format
      The loadVariables Method
      The loadVariablesNum() Method
      The LoadVars Object
      The ExternalInterface API
      Chapter 21.  ASP and Flash
      What Is ASP?
      How Does ASP Work?
      Getting the Server
      Intro to ASP Scripting
      Your First ASP Page
      Sending and Receiving Data
      Accessing Access
      Chapter 22.  PHP and Flash
      Setting Up Your Server
      PHP and FlashReceiving Data
      PHP and FlashSending and Receiving Data
      Incorporating a MySQL Database
      File UploadsFlash 8 Specific
      Chapter 23.  Flash Remoting with ColdFusion
      What Is Flash Remoting?
      The Application Server
      Technical Requirements
      ColdFusion and Flash Flowchart
      Setting Up the Server
      Setting Up Your Database
      Creating a ColdFusion Data Source
      Reviewing the Application
      Let's Begin: ColdFusion Components (CFCs)
      Flash Remoting and ActionScript 2.0
      Building Your Application
      Chapter 24.  XML and Flash
      What Is XML?
      Formatting XML
      Elements Versus Attributes
      XML and Flash
      The XMLConnector Component
      The Tree Component
      Chapter 25.  Web Services and Flash
      What Is a Web Service?
      Why Use Web Services?
      Creating a Web Service
      Consuming Web Services with Flash
      Flash Remoting
      The Web Services Panel
      The WebServiceConnector Component
      Data Binding
      Consuming Outside Web Services
      Absorbing the Amazon Web Service
      Chapter 26.  Streaming Media
      Why Stream Media?
      Creating a Flash Video
      The NetConnection Object
      The NetStream Object
      The Video Object
      Streaming Video
      The FLVPlayback Component
      The Camera Object
      Chapter 27.  Extending Flash
      Why Extend Flash?
      XML-to-UI Controls
      Creating Behaviors
      Creating Your Own Panels
      Creating Custom Tools
      Creating Custom Effects
      File I/O in JSFL
      Chapter 28.  Beyond Flash
      Flash Alternatives
      Enhancing Flash Files
      Beyond the Web
   Part IV.  Appendix
      Appendix A.  ActionScript Reference
      The BitmapData Class
      The ExternalInterface Class
      The BevelFilter Class
      The BlurFilter Class
      The ColorMatrixFilter Class
      The ConvolutionFilter Class
      The DisplacementMapFilter Class
      The DropShadowFilter Class
      The GlowFilter Class
      The GradientBevelFilter Class
      The GradientGlowFilter Class
      The ColorTransform Class
      The Matrix Class
      The Point Class
      The Rectangle Class
      The Transform Class
      The FileReference Class
      The FileReferenceList Class
      The TextRenderer Class

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