This chapter was dedicated to showing not only the ways in which you can begin to interact with data, but also the reasons why a developer or designer might want to interact with data, and the benefits of doing so.

We started out with the getURL() method, the quickest and easiest way to have user interaction with Flash and data. Then we moved on to some of the fundamental ways to bring in data, and what form that data needs to be in. Next we went over the object that is designed to handle data integration and all of its documented and undocumented events.

Finally we finished up the new ExternalInterface API to show how easy it is to communicate back and forth to JavaScript.

The next chapter continues with the LoadVars object as we move into dealing with different types of middleware languages, starting with ASP.

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed
Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed
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