4.4. Replying to a Ticket

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The correspond and comment actions post a response or comment to a ticket from the command line:

     $ rt correspond -m "The vendor is supplying a patch" ticket/15 

The -m option allows you to provide the text of the message on the command line. If this is not supplied, then rt will open your editor for you to enter a full message.

You also can attach files to a ticket with the -a option:

     $ rt comment -m "This is what I see" -a screenshot.png ticket/15 

The -w option lets you set a TimeWorked value for this comment:

     $ rt correspond -m "Does the attached patch solve the problem?" \     > -a hairy.patch -w 300 ticket/42 

The -c and -b options set the Cc and Bcc fields:

     $ rt correspond -m "I'll look into this problem tonight" \     > -c root@eruditorum.org,jdoe@example.org \     > -b me@isp.net ticket/23 

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