4.5. Editing a Ticket

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The edit action edits object metadata. When you invoke edit with an object specification, if no additional information is given on the command line, rt enters interactive mode in the editor specified by the $EDITOR environment variable. When you quit the editor, the ticket is updated. This is similar to the create action, except that the editor displays the current values of all the fields instead of an empty template. Only values that actually change are sent back to the server.

     $ rt edit ticket/47           id: ticket/47     Queue: General     Owner: Nobody     Creator: jdoe     Subject: There is a light that never goes out     Status: new     Priority: 50     InitialPriority: 50     FinalPriority: 0     Requestors:     Cc:     AdminCc:     Created: Mon Sep 20 21:07:39 2004     Starts: Mon Sep 20 21:05:11 2004     Started: Not set     Due: Mon Sep 20 21:05:11 2004     Resolved: Not set     Told: Not set     TimeEstimated: 0     TimeWorked: 0     TimeLeft: 0 

In addition, you can set many of the fields of an object using the set, add, or del subactions on the command line:

     $ rt edit ticket/42     > add cc=root@eruditorum.org \     > del cc=root@localhost \     > set priority=99 \     > set status=open \ 

The available fields that you can set, add, or del are the same as the fields presented when you edit an object in a text editor. Some of these attributes cannot be changed, like Created and id.

Using the example of the user created above, modify the information by setting the emailaddress. The information in this case is sufficient to avoid entering interactive mode.

     $ rt edit user/bigboote set emailaddress=bigboote@example.com     # User 66 updated. 

Now use show to display the modified information.

     $ rt show user/66 -f id,name,emailaddress     id: user/66     Name: bigboote     EmailAddress: bigboote@example.com 

You escalate a ticket by increasing its priority:

     $ rt edit ticket/42 set priority=80 

To assign a ticket set the owner of the ticket. To take a ticket, set the owner to yourself.

     $ rt edit ticket/7 set owner=fayewong 

To resolve a ticket set the status to resolved:

     $ rt edit ticket/15 set status='resolved' 

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