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Jesse Vincent first wrote RT during a summer internship at a web development shop after his sophomore year at Wesleyan University. After graduation, he spent a year in Seattle working on instant messaging for Microsoft. A year later, he came back to the world of Unixand open source as the systems lead at a now defunct dotcom, only to find people actively using RT motivated by guilt, he rewrote it from scratch. 18 months later, he realized he was spending more time on his hobby (RT) than his day job, and founded Best Practical Solutions, a company dedicated to maintaining and supporting RT and other tools to help people get work done. When he's not working on RT, Jesse spends his time working on RT.

Robert Spier first came upon RT in late 1997, and has been working with it ever since. He rewrote the search infrastructure for RT 3.0 because he had itches that begged to be scratched. He currently manages a software development team at a post-boom Internet company. In his spare time, he teaches RT Developer Training courses and maintains the perl.org infrastructure including perlbug: the Perl bug tracking system. When not sitting in front of a computer, he volunteers at a local animal rescue.

Dave Rolsky is a programmer, author, and activist with a background in music composition, and various geeky interests, including the works of Gene Wolfe, films, and the workings of time zones. He has been actively developing Free Software (Perl) for several years and is a member of the Mason core development team.

Darren Chamberlain is a system administrator and recovering programmer living and working in the Boston area.

Richard Foley is a Munich-based Perl and Oracle developer who spends most of his time allegedly programming, when he could be spending quality time with his family, walking, or skiing in the nearby Alps. He has a background in technical illustration and has developed software applications for the aerospace, Internet, and banking industries.

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    RT Essentials
    RT Essentials
    ISBN: 0596006683
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 166

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