A.11. Dates

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There are many dates associated with each ticket, everything from when the ticket was originally created, to when it was last modified, to when it was resolved. The system automatically sets some of these at the time of certain actions, while some can be modified by anyone with the appropriate rights.


The date that the ticket was initially created.


The date when work should begin on the ticket. This field is set at ticket creation time.


The date by which the ticket should be completed. This field is set at ticket creation time.


The date that work was actually started on the ticket.

Last Contacted

This date indicates that last time notification about the ticket was sent out. This field is sometimes known as Told.

Last Updated

The date of the last modification to the ticket.


The date that the ticket was resolved. Obviously, this will be set only for resolved tickets.

The Created, Last Contacted, Last Updated, and Resolved dates are maintained by RT itself everytime the ticket is modified. Starts and Due can be set by anyone with permissions to modify the ticket.

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