2.10 Quick Tips for Success


CVS is a tool for improving project development and system maintainence. Like all tools, there are ways to make your use of it more effective. Here are some tricks for using CVS well:

  • Synchronize the clocks of computers sharing a repository to the same universal time. CVS relies on file timestamps to determine which files have changed.

  • Give each developer his own sandbox, and communicate all file changes through CVS. This maintains change tracking and prevents developers from irretrievably overwriting each other's work.

  • Update frequently, at least before starting work every day, to keep your sandbox current.

  • Commit frequently to keep your repository current. Programmers typically update every time their code compiles cleanly; other people may commit after completing each block of work.

  • Programming teams : use build-management tools and ensure that all files in the build are committed to the repository. Ensure that builds for testing or release come from the repository rather than a sandbox, but allow sandbox builds for programmers to do pre-alpha tests.


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