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case sensitivity, file and directory names  
change management  
change messages  
Checkin.prog file   2nd   3rd  
checkout command   2nd   3rd  
       -r tagname option  
       distributing files using  
       memory requirements  
       vendor branch releases, comparing  
checkoutlist file   2nd   3rd  
chmod command (Unix), group permissions  
choosing an editor  
client environment variables  
clients (CVS)  
       for multiple operating systems  
clmerge script  
cln_hist script  
clock synchronization  
CodeWarrior plugins, CVS and abCVS  
commenting scripting files  
commit command   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th  
       and branch creation  
       commit frequency  
       failed commits  
       file removal and  
       revision numbers , setting  
commit_prep script  
commitinfo file   2nd   3rd   4th  
       enforcing standards with  
commitinfo script  
Concurrent Versions System   [See CVS]
config file  
       commitinfo file  
       editinfo file  
       loginfo file  
       notify file  
       rcsinfo file  
       scripting files  
       taginfo file  
       verifymsg file  
configuration options

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