ReqRespListener javax.xml.messaging

JAXM 1.1; JWSDP 1.0
 public interface ReqRespListener {  // Public Instance Methods  public abstract javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage onMessage( javax.xml.soap.SOAPMessage message); } 

The ReqRespListener interface is implemented by a JAXMServlet subclass that receives a SOAP message to which it immediately creates a response. The onMessage( ) method is called whenever a message is received and is provided with a SOAPMessage object created from that message as its only argument. The return value from this method may be either null or a SOAPMessage that is returned to the originator of the request message.

For reasons mentioned in the description of the JAXMServlet class, a JAXM client that implements this interface may not behave as expected in the JAXM reference implementation. Specifically, the reply message returned from the onMessage( ) method is not delivered.


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