Human Aspects of Software Engineering

James E. Tomayko
Orit Hazzan


Hingham, Massachusetts

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James E. Tomayko and Orit Hazzan. Human Aspects of Software Engineering.
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Tomayko, J. E. (James E.), 1949-
Human aspects of software engineering / James E. Tomayko and Orit Hazzan.
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1. Software engineering. 2. Human engineering I. Hazzan, Orit, 1962- II. Title.
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Orit Hazzan dedicates this book to her parents, Ze ev (Wolf) and Tikva (Hope) Seger, for the values they inspired in her.

Jim Tomayko dedicates this book to his brother, Jack, for his constant support and for Movie Nights.


Jim Tomayko would like to thank Orit Hazzan for commenting on his often stilted prose and doing all the grunt work for this book. Orit Hazzan would like to thank Jim Tomayko for his friendship and the insights and alternative perspectives he so often presents .

We both would like to thank Laura Tomayko for drafting the figures.

We also thank Jim Walsh of Charles River Media for initially contacting us and constantly urging us on with this project; Bryan Davidson for his production work on this book and dealing with our questions; and all the people at CRM who supported the preparation of this book.

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