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Radical Project Management
By Rob  Thomsett
Publisher : Prentice Hall PTR
Pub Date : April 15, 2002
ISBN : 0-13-009486-2
Pages : 378

        Why Should You Read This Book?
        What Makes This Book Different?
        What This Book Is Not About
        The Structure of the Book
        A Note on Terminology
      Part  1.   eXtreme Concepts
        Chapter 1.   The New Project Environment
        Forces Driving Change
        Chapter 2.   Project Management Evolution
        The Four Waves of Project Management
        Chapter 3.   eXtreme Concepts
        Project Management Versus Technical Management
        Context and Content
        Whole-of-Life Project Management
        Project Manager as Facilitator
        Sponsors as Executive Project Managers
        Scenario Planning
        Rapid Planning
        Virtual Teams
        It's the Context, Stupid
      Part  2.   eXtreme Tools
        Chapter 4.   eXtreme Project Management Context
        Two Very Different Types of Work
        The Categories of Project Work
        Chapter 5.   The eXtreme Project Management Model
        Project Management Processes
        The Project Charter or Business Case
        Chapter 6.   The RAP Process
        Why Should We Run RAP Sessions?
        The RAP Structure
        Chapter 7.   Analyze Project Success
        What Are Expectations?
        The Seven Success Criteria
        eXtreme Tool 1: Success Sliders
        Chapter 8.   Define Scope, Objectives, and Stakeholders
        What Is the Difference between Scope and Objectives?
        Stakeholders and Related Projects
        Related Projects ”A Special Case of Stakeholder
        Chapter 9.   Analyze Added Value
        The State of the Art
        Added-Value Analysis
        Benefits Realization
        Cost-Effectiveness Model
        Chapter 10.   Define Quality
        Project Quality Deployment
        What Is a Quality?
        Toward an Effective Quality Plan: PQD in Action
        Quality in Action
        Quality, Estimates, Costs, and Risks
        Chapter 11.   Select a Development Strategy
        Strategy Ain't Methodology
        The Four Development Strategies
        Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile, and Other Variations
        Partitioning Guidelines
        Strategy Selection
        Strategy and Risk Assessment
        Chapter 12.   Analyze Risk
        Project Risk Assessment Overview
        Project Risk Management
        Risk Containment or Reduction
        Shooting the Messenger
        Chapter 13.   Develop Task Lists
        Develop Project Task Lists
        A Moral Dilemma
        Scenario and Real-Time Planning
        Chapter 14.   Estimate Tasks
        Causes of Estimation Error
        Estimation Principles
        The Detailed Estimation Process
        Chapter 15.   Develop Schedule
        Develop Project Execution Plan
        Scenario Planning Revisited
        Develop Project Staffing Agreements
        Chapter 16.   Develop Return on Investment
        Develop Cost and ROI Scenarios
        Analyzing Project Costs
        Developing Your ROI
        Chapter 17.   Project Tracking and Reporting
        Project Tracking
        Project Reporting
        The Project Change Control Process
        Maintaining the Project Management File
        Chapter 18.   Postimplementation Reviews
        The Postimplementation Review
        The Learning Loop Concept
        The System Support Review
        Benefits Realization Planning
        Chapter 19.   Support
        The Support Problem
        The Production Support Portfolio
        Passages: The Life Cycle of Production Systems
      Part  3.   Additional Resources
        Chapter 20.   Getting the Sponsor You Deserve
        Rule 1: The Bag of Money and the Baseball Bat
        Rule 2: The Passive Conduit
        Rule 3: You Generally Get the Sponsor You Deserve
        Rule 4: In the Absence of Information, Executives Still Make Decisions
        Rule 5: Educate as Well as Inform
        Rule 6: The Level of Help You Get Is Inversely Proportional to Your Delay in Asking
        Rule 7: Show Them the Money
        Rule 8: "Beam Us Up, Scotty"
        Rule 9: No Sponsor, No Start
        Chapter 21.   Getting the Stakeholders You Deserve
        Rob's Corporate Mathematics
        Why You Need Your Stakeholders
        How to Win Stakeholders Over
        How to Get the Project You All Want
        Chapter 22.   A Question of Ethics
        Situation 1
        Situation 2
        Situation 3
        Situation 4
        Situation 5
        Best Practice and Best Behavior
        Organizational and Individual Impact
        Drawing the Line ”An Extreme Project Management Responsibility
        A Draft Code of Ethical Behavior for eXtreme Project People
        Chapter 23.   The Success Sliders Redux
        Requirements Are Not the Same as Expectations
        So, What Are Expectations?
        The Swiss Army Knife
        Other Tips for Understanding Expectations
        Chapter 24.   In Case of Emergencies
        The Dark Side
        The Good Side
        Come to the Dark Side, Luke
        Chapter 25.   The Secret of Great Project Managers

Radical Project Management
Radical Project Management
ISBN: 0130094862
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2002
Pages: 136
Authors: Rob Thomsett

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