Components of .NETA Snippet

Components of .NET”A Snippet

I've introduced quite a few things from this point for those new to .NET: distributed technologies, the arrival of .NET, XML Web services, and even a short introduction of the protocols that get you there, such as SOAP and WSDL. Isn't this a pattern book? Patterns are only as useful as their ability to add true value. They make you look great on a whiteboard but unless technology” especially the likes of .NET”is considered and understood , your chance of success will diminish. Throughout the book, you will see a marriage of design elements with the recommended technology for implementing them. Along with the sample code, this should provide you with the enough information not only to look good in your class diagrams but also to look good in a live production. This will allow you to be strategic as well as tactical in your architecture. Now let's talk about patterns.

.NET Patterns. Architecture, Design, and Process
.NET Patterns: Architecture, Design, and Process
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