7.1 Features and Benefits

Stand-alone Servers can be as secure or as insecure as needs dictate . They can have simple or complex configurations. Above all, despite the hoopla about Domain Security they remain a common installation.

If all that is needed is a server for read-only files, or for printers alone, it may not make sense to effect a complex installation. For example: A drafting office needs to store old drawings and reference standards. Noone can write files to the server as it is legislatively important that all documents remain unaltered. A share mode read-only Stand-alone Server is an ideal solution.

Another situation that warrants simplicity is an office that has many printers that are queued off a single central server. Everyone needs to be able to print to the printers, there is no need to effect any access controls and no files will be served from the print server. Again, a share mode Stand-alone Server makes a great solution.

Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide
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