Section 6.1. Introduction

6.1. Introduction

Abmas is a miracle company. Most businesses would have collapsed under the weight of rapid expansion that this company has experienced. Samba is flexible, so there is no need to reinstall the whole operating system just because you need to implement a new network design. In fact, you can keep an old server running right up to the moment of cutover and then do a near-live conversion. There is no need to reinstall a Samba server just to change the way your network should function.

Network growth is common to all organizations. In this exercise, your preoccupation is with the mechanics of implementing Samba and LDAP so that network users on each network segment can work without impediment.

6.1.1. Assignment Tasks

Starting with the configuration files for the server called MASSIVE in Chapter 5, "Making Happy Users", you now deal with the issues that are particular to large distributed networks. Your task is simple identify the challenges, consider the alternatives, and then design and implement a solution.

Remember, you have users based in London (UK), Los Angeles, Washington. DC, and, three buildings in New York. A significant portion of your workforce have notebook computers and roam all over the world. Some dial into the office, others use VPN connections over the Internet, and others just move between buildings.i

What do you say to an employee who normally uses a desktop system but must spend six weeks on the road with a notebook computer? She is concerned about email access and how to keep coworkers current with changing documents.

To top it all off, you have one network support person and one help desk person based in London, a single person dedicated to all network operations in Los Angeles, five staff for user administration and help desk in New York, plus one floater for Washington.

You have outsourced all desktop deployment and management to DirectPointe. Your concern is server maintenance and third-level support. Build a plan and show what must be done.

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