Chapter 6. A Distributed 2000-User Network

There is something indeed mystical about things that are big. Large networks exhibit a certain magnetism and exude a sense of importance that obscures reality. You and I know that it is no more difficult to secure a large network than it is a small one. We all know that over and above a particular number of network clients, the rules no longer change; the only real dynamic is the size of the domain (much like a kingdom) over which the network ruler (oops, administrator) has control. The real dynamic then transforms from the technical to the political. Then again, that point is often reached well before the kingdom (or queendom) grows large.

If you have systematically worked your way to this chapter, hopefully you have found some gems and techniques that are applicable in your world. The network designs you have worked with in this book have their strong points as well as weak ones. That is to be expected given that they are based on real business environments, the specifics of which are molded to serve the purposes of this book.

This chapter is intent on wrapping up issues that are central to implementation and design of progressively larger networks. Are you ready for this chapter? Good, it is time to move on.

In previous chapters, you made the assumption that your network administration staff need detailed instruction right down to the nuts and bolts of implementing the solution. That is still the case, but they have graduated now. You decide to document only those issues, methods, and techniques that are new or complex. Routine tasks such as implementing a DNS or a DHCP server are under control. Even the basics of Samba are largely under control. So in this section you focus on the specifics of implementing LDAP changes, Samba changes, and approach and design of the solution and its deployment.

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