Designating a Global Catalog Server

The following program checks whether the specified DC is a GC server and if it is so instructed, changes the status of the DC.

Listing 17.16. SetGC.bas — Designating a DC as a Global Catalog Server

start example
    Option Explicit    Sub Main()    Dim strDSSettings, strServerDN As String    Dim objRootDSE As IADs    Dim objDsService As IADs    Dim objComp As IADs    Dim iFlag As Integer    ' Bind to the RootDSE on a specific server    Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://")    '*** Get the Directory Service Settings ***    strDSSettings = objRootDSE. Get ("dsServiceName")    Debug.Print "NTDS Settings: " + strDSSettings    Set objDsService = Getobject ("LDAP: //" & strDSSettings)    ' *** Get the distinguished name of the server ***    strServerDN = objRootDSE. Get ("serverName")    Debug. Print "Server Name: " + strServerDN    Set objComp = GetObject ("LDAP: //" & strServerDN)    On Error Resume Next    iFlag = objDsService.Get ("options")    If Hex (Err.Number) = "8000500D" Then      Debug.Print "PROPERTY_NOT_FOUND"      iFlag = 0    End If    Debug.Print "Current flag value is " + CStr (iFlag)    ' Remove comment marks (') from necessary statements to toggle the status    ' of the server    If (iFlag And 1) Then      Debug.Print objComp.Get("name") + " IS a GC server"      ' Revoke the GC server role:      ' objDsService.Put "options", iFlag Xor 1 'clear the flag      ' objDsService.SetInfo      ' Debug.Print objComp.Get ("name") + " is no longer a GC server"    Else      Debug.Print objComp.Get ("name") + " is NOT a GC server"      ' Assign the GC server role:      ' Debug.Print objComp.Get ("name") + _                          "will be advertised as a GC server"      ' objDsService.Put "options", iFlag Xor 1 'set the flag      ' objDsService.SetInfo    End If    Set objRootDSE = Nothing    Set objDsService = Nothing    Set objComp = Nothing    End Sub 
end example

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