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Facility location problem (01 integer programming)
Facility location problem (nonlinear programming)
Feasible solution (in linear programming)
FedEx 2nd
Finite calling population
Finite queue
Fixed charge problem (01 integer programming)
Fixed costs 2nd
Fixed-order quantity system 2nd
Fixed-time period system 2nd
Ford Motor Company
Ford, L.R., Jr.
Forecast accuracy
Forecast error
Forecasting 2nd
        adjusted exponential smoothing
        average error (bias)
        cumulative error
        Excel 2nd 3rd
        Excel QM
        exponential smoothing
        linear regression
        linear trend line
        long-range forecasts
        mean absolute deviation (MAD)
        mean absolute percentage deviation (MAPD)
        mean squared error (MSE)
        medium-range forecasts
        moving averages
        multiple regression
        QM for Windows 2nd
        qualitative methods 2nd
        random variations
        regression methods 2nd
        seasonal adjustments
        seasonal patterns
        short-range forecasts
        time series methods 2nd
        weighted moving averages
Forward pass 2nd
Frequency distribution
Fulkerson, D.R.
Functional relationship
Fundamental matrix

Introduction to Management Science
Introduction to Management Science (10th Edition)
ISBN: 0136064361
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 358

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