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identity matrix

a matrix containing ones along the diagonal and zeros elsewhere


the use of model results

implicit enumeration

a method for solving integer programming problems in which obviously infeasible solutions are eliminated and the remaining solutions are systematically evaluated to see which one is best

independent demand

final product demanded by an external customer

independent events

events for which the probability of occurrence of one event does not affect the probability of occurrence of the other events

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a mathematical relationship containing a or sign

infeasible problem

a linear programming problem with no feasible solution area and thus no solution

instantaneous receipt

the assumption that once inventory level reaches zero, an order is received after the passage of an infinitely small amount of time

integer programming

a form of linear programming that generates only integer solution values for the model variables


a stock of items kept on hand by an organization to use to meet customer demand

inventory analysis

the analysis of the problems of inventory planning and control, with the objective of minimizing inventory- related costs

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