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for a value of n , n! = n ( n 1) ( n 2) . . . (2)(1)

feasible solution

a solution that does not violate any of the restrictions or constraints in a model


decision results that are fed back into a management information system to be used as data

finite calling population

the source of customers for a queuing system is limited to a finite number

finite queue

a queue with a limited (maximum) size

fixed costs

costs that are independent of the volume of units produced


a prediction of what will occur in the future

forecast error

the difference between actual and forecasted demand

forecast reliability

a measure of how closely a forecast reflects reality

forecast time frame

how far in the future a forecast projects

forward pass

a method for determining earliest activity times in a CPM/PERT network

frequency distribution

the organization of events into classes, which shows the frequency with which the events occur

functional relationship

an equation that relates a dependent variable to one or more independent variables

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Introduction to Management Science (10th Edition)
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