Sometimes you need to debug your QueryInterface implementation. Maybe you're building a custom COM_MAP macro. Maybe you're seeing weird behavior on some interfaces. Sometimes the easiest way to track down a problem is in the debugger. This is where COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY_BREAK comes in:

#define COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY_BREAK(x) \   { &_ATL_IIDOF(x), NULL, _Break },    

The _Break function outputs some helpful debugging information and calls DebugBreak:

static HRESULT WINAPI                                          CComObjectRootbase::_Break(void*, REFIID iid, void**, DWORD) {   (iid);                                                       _ATLDUMPIID(iid, _T("Break due to QI for interface "), S_OK);    DebugBreak();                                                  return S_FALSE;                                              }                                                              

The call to DebugBreak is just like a breakpoint set in your debugger. It gives the active debugger the chance to take control of the process. When you're debugging, you can set other breakpoints and continue executing.

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