Chapter 15. Flash Communication Server MX Applications

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I guess you thought you knew everything that Macromedia Flash MX 2004 has to offer. You've learned about ActionScript 2.0, building and extending classes, consuming Web Services, interacting with remote servers using Remoting, and building powerful reuseable user interface (UI) components . What's next ?

Flash is a complex machine that offers a lot of opportunities. Understanding all that it can do gives you a powerful weapon for delivering business, e-learning, and entertainment solutions. You can now handle data more efficiently and connect to almost anything. The only problem is Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP); it just keeps hanging up, just when the party gets started.

Enter the server component of Flash Player 7: Flash Communication Server MX. Flash Communication Server MX offers an always-connected solution for Flash applications and an instant-on solution for stream applications. This persistent communication is the next piece to your powerful Flash puzzle.

This chapter introduces you to sharing data, streaming data, and connecting Flash players together for a powerful collaborative experience.

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