Adobe® Flex™ 2: Training from the Source

Jeff Tapper/James Talbot/Matthew Boles with Benjamin Elmore and Michael Labriola

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Authors: Jeff Tapper/James Talbot/Matthew Boles with Benjamin Elmore and Michael Labriola
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My efforts on this book are dedicated to my wife Lisa and daughter Kaliope. Everything I do, I do for you two.

Jeff Tapper

My efforts are dedicated to my family and friends as well as the Adobe Training and Consulting teams for giving me the incredible opportunities that have allowed this book to come to be.

James Talbot

To friends.

To Sandra, my best friend and wife, who has helped and supported me in so many ways over the years. Thanks for supporting me even when I chose to do crazy things, including writing this book.

To my siblings, Melissa, Todd, Jody, and Kent (and their wonderful families) who continue to be better and better friends with each passing year.

To Bryan and Colleen, who prove that once built, a solid friendship can't be diminished with time or distance.

To Bob and Connie, who were willing to be friends when I needed it most, even at the expense of their time.

To Sue, Robert, James, Deborah, Tina, Cathrine, Leo, Jon, and Jim, who are not only my colleagues in Adobe Customer Training, but who have also become great friends.

Matthew Boles

This book is dedicated to my kids Olivia, Haydn, Sydney, Carrington, and Griffen. It is always hard to take time away from you for such a task as writing.

Benjamin Elmore

To my wife Laura; you always make me smile.

Michael Labriola

Adobe Flex 2.Training from the Source
Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source
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