Policy Groups

ZENworks 7 Linux Management makes it possible to create policy groups. A policy group constitutes a set of policies that can be assigned via a single group. In all the places in ZENworks Control Center where a policy can be assigned, a policy group may be used. When a policy group is assigned to a device, group, or folder, the action effectively assigns all policies in that policy group.

To create a policy group, complete the following tasks:


Go to a Policies subfolder.


Select the Add menu item in the list view.


Select the Policy Group menu item from the pop-up menu. This starts up the Create New Group Wizard.


Enter a unique group name into the Group Name field. See Figure 9.13 for a sample screen.

Figure 9.13. Sample policy group creation wizard screen.


Browse and select the folder or subfolder where you would like the policy group to reside. The policy group may be assigned to any device, group, or folder, regardless of where it is stored in the ZENworks Control Center.


Enter any description you wish for the policy group. Press Next.


Press Next on the summary page to place policies into this newly created policy group.


The next screen displays the Add Group Members page, where you can browse to and select the policies you want to add to the group. See Figure 9.14 for a sample of this screen.

Figure 9.14. Sample Add Group Members page of the policy group creation wizard.


Press the Add menu item and browse to and select the policies you want to add to this policy group.


Remove any policies that you do not want to have in the group by selecting the check box next to the policy you want to remove. This should activate the Remove menu button.


Press the Remove button to remove the selected policies from the group. Press Next.


On the next page you can actually assign this group to any device, folder, or group. Press Next when you have completed any assignments that you want. The summary page is displayed.


Review the summary page and press the Finished button to complete the policy group creation and membership assignments.

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