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Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrator's Handbook
By Ron Tanner, Richard Whitehead
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: September 21, 2005
ISBN: 0-672-32784-8
Pages: 264

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       Chapter 1.  The Evolution of Linux Management
      What's the Big Deal?
      The ZENworks Family
      What's New for ZENworks 7 Linux Management?
      Using ZENworks Linux Management with Novell Linux Desktop
      Using ZENworks Linux Management with SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
       Chapter 2.  Understanding ZENworks Linux Management
      General Architecture
      Open Source Components
      Best Practices of Rollout Procedures
      Use of Directories
      Use of Existing Databases
      Use of Existing Servers
      How and Where ZENworks Linux Management Is Managed
      How Devices Are Represented and Managed in ZLM
      How Content Is Delivered
       Chapter 3.  Installing ZENworks Linux Management
      Preparing the Server
      Executing the Installation Script
      Verifying the Installation
      Accessing the ZENworks Control Center
      Installing the Client Software on Managed Devices
      Upgrading ZENworks Linux Management from Previous Versions
       Chapter 4.  Understanding the ZENworks Control Center
      What Is the ZENworks Control Center?
      List View
      Launching the ZENworks Control Center
      Searching Within a View
      Customizing the ZENworks Control Center
      The Future
       Chapter 5.  Registering Devices into the System
      Registration Keys and Registration Rules
      Registering a Device
      Removing a Managed Device
       Chapter 6.  System Settings
      Management Zone Settings
      Date Specific Schedule Type
       Chapter 7.  Bundles
      What Are Bundles?
      What Are the Advantages of Bundles?
      Bundle Groups
      How to Create an RPM Bundle
      How to Create a Preboot Bundle
      How to Assign a Bundle to a Device
      What Happens When a Bundle Is Assigned to a Device
      Updating Previously Created Bundles
      Bundle Groups
       Chapter 8.  Catalogs
      What Are Catalogs?
      What Are the Advantages of Catalogs?
      How to Create a Catalog
      Adding RPM Bundles to Catalogs
      How to Assign a Catalog to a Device
      What Happens When a Catalog Is Assigned to a Device
       Chapter 9.  Policies
      What Are Policies?
      Why Are Policies Useful?
      How Are Policies Assigned?
      Policy Groups
      Available Policies in ZENworks 7 Linux Management
      Firefox Policy
       Chapter 10.  Reporting
      Creating Reports
      Running Reports
      Saving Output of Reports
      Editing an Existing Report
       Chapter 11.  Common Device Management Tasks
      Viewing Getting Started
      Managing Licenses
      Clearing the Message Log
      Acknowledging All Events
      Controlling a Device Remotely
      Imaging a Device
      Restoring an Image to a Device
      ZENworks Partition
       Chapter 12.  Keeping ZENworks Linux Management Servers Synchronized
      Content Replication
      Mirroring External Sources into ZENworks Linux Management
       Chapter 13.  ZENworks Linux Management Database
      ZENworks Linux Management Databases
      Information Stored in the Database
      Accessing PostgreSQL
      Where to Get More Information
       Chapter 14.  Troubleshooting
      Registering and Un-registering a Device
      Creating Custom Platforms
      Configuring Silent Installation of the Agent
      Cleaning the Database
      Updating the Agent
      Encrypting a VNC Session
      Not Installing the VNC Agent
       Applendix A.  Commands
       Appendix B.  ZENworks Resources
      Novell Support and Online Documentation
      ZENworks Cool Solutions
      Novell Advanced Technical Training
      Novell Consulting Services
      Novell Technical Support Services

Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrator's Handbook
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrators Handbook
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