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    RPM RPM bundle icons
image files
     save restrictions
     Allow Loading of Images option (Firefox policies)
     Background image file name option (Novell Linux Desktop policies)
     Loading Images option (Evolution policies)
         manually 2nd
         restoring images 2nd
         via ZENworks Control Center 2nd
     servers, assigning to 2nd
Import Filters (registration rules)
Include Remote junk Mail Tests option (Evolution policies)
indirect policy assignment
     RPM files into RPM bundles 2nd 3rd
Install option (RPM File Upload dialog)
         silent installations
     client software
    launch scripts
         in RPM bundles
     Primary servers (ZENworks Linux Management) 2nd 3rd
     secondary servers (ZENworks Linux Management) 2nd 3rd
    VNC Agent
         not installing
    ZENworks Linux Management
         accessing ZENworks Control Center 2nd
         client software installation
         client software requirements 2nd
         managed device registration
         Primary server installation 2nd 3rd
         secondary server installation 2nd 3rd
         server configuration 2nd
         verifying installation 2nd
     ZENworks partitions 2nd
instructional websites
     Novell Advanced Technical Training website
     ZENworks Cool Solutions website 2nd
Inventory Rollup setting (Management Zone Settings snapshot)
IP addresses
     ZENworks Linux Management installation
IP Configuration Device Identity Settings
Is Configured column (Management Zone Settings snapshot)

Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrator's Handbook
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrators Handbook
ISBN: 0672327848
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 147

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