Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003

William R. Stanek
Greg Holden


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Stanek, William R.
Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 / William R. Stanek, Greg Holden.
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To my daughters Zosia and Lucy, who make me move
faster and work smarter every day.
Greg Holden



William R. Stanek
I ve used, abused, and written about every version of FrontPage. Nevertheless, writing Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 was quite an experience. Faster Smarter is a fairly new series from Microsoft Press that aims to help readers (like you) learn products and technologies quickly. As you ll see, this series is a bit different from other similar ones on the market. You ll find things like Aha! (which provide tips and tricks for efficiency) and Lingo (which define terms) in addition to traditional Notes and Cautions. You ll find 10-Second Summaries that introduce the chapters and Fast Wrap-Ups that conclude chapters. And in between, you ll find a focus on accomplishing tasks with minimal fuss.

No man is an island, and this book couldn t have been written without the help of some very special people. Kristen Weatherby and Carmen Corral-Reid helped me stay on track and get the tools I needed to write this book. Carmen headed up the editorial process for nSight, Inc. As the project manager, she wore many hats, assisted in many ways, and was instrumental in helping me complete the text. I would also like to thank Alex Blanton.Not only did Alex help keep the project on track and resolve issues, but he also helpedcoordinate communications with the FrontPage team. Being able to work closely with the FrontPage team in the early stages of this project was both very important and helpful. Thank you!

Unfortunately for the writer (but fortunately for readers), writing is only one part of the publishing process. Next came editing and author review. Chris Russo was the technical editor for the book. Thank you Chris for checking the text carefully !

Hopefully, I haven t forgotten anyone but if I have, it was an oversight. Honest.;-)

Greg Holden
Preparing this book proved to be a remarkably smooth process due to the participation of a number of dedicated professionals. Neil Salkind, Stacey Barone, Jackie Coder, and David and Sherry Rogelberg of Studio B never fail to brighten my day with an exciting new project or good news on the success of our former collaborations. Laura Sackerman and Kristen Weatherby of Microsoft Press and Carmen Corral-Reid of nSight, Inc. made sure the text was presented clearly, and technical editor Chris Russo made sure it was accurate. Alex Blanton at Microsoft got the project going and was helpful all the way through. Finally, thanks to my coauthor William R. Stanek for his guidance and support.


About the Author

William R. Stanek
William R. Stanek has 20 years of hands-on experience with advanced programming and development. He is a leading technology expert and an award-winning author. Over the years , his practical advice has helped millions of programmers, developers, and network engineers all over the world. He has written over two dozen computer books. Current or forthcoming books include Microsoft Windows XP Professional Administrator s Pocket Consultant , Microsoft Windows 2000 Administrator s Pocket Consultant 2nd Edition , Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Administrator s Pocket Consultant and IIS 6.0 Administrator s Pocket Consultant .

Mr. Stanek has been involved in the commercial Internet community since 1991. His core business and technology experience comes from over 11 years of military service. He has substantial experience in developing server technology, encryption, and Internet solutions. He has written many technical white papers and training courses on a wide variety of topics. He is widely sought after as a subject matter expert.

Mr. Stanek has an MS degree with distinction in Information Systems and a BS Computer Science degree magna cum laude. He is proud to have served in the Persian Gulf War as a combat crew member on an electronic warfare aircraft. He flew on numerous combat missions into Iraq and was awarded nine medals for his wartime service, including one of the United States of America s highest flying honors, the Air Force Distinguished Flying Cross. Currently, he resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and children.

Greg Holden
The writings of Greg Holden take many forms. He prepares documentation for companies and creates online courses. He writes columns and articles for both print and electronic publications . His previous books include E-Commerce Essentials with Microsoft FrontPage (Microsoft Press), Guide to Network Defense and Countermeasures (Course Technology), and Starting an Online Business for Dummies (Wiley) . He took a short break from computer- related material to write Literary Chicago: A Book Lover s Guide to the Windy City, which was published in 2000 by Lake Claremont Press. He also has published a number of his short stories and poems. Among the publications he produces are the prodigious output of his bright, funny , and very creative daughters, Zosia and Lucy Holden. They are currently collaborating on a play based on Queen Elizabeth. To find out more, visit his personal and business Web sites at , or send e-mail to

Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
Faster Smarter Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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