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ITOs are increasingly realizing the importance of storage, particularly among midsize companies that have historically not had requirements for enterprise storage capabilities. Through 2005/06, most organizations will have organized around, and created, a storage infrastructure and operations team (the data and media center of excellence). Consequently, it is imperative that ITOs begin to view storage in regards to the strategic importance it will haveeven in difficult economic environments that often, and many times incorrectly, result in solely tactical decisions. ITOs should undertake a strategic evaluation examining how daily functions can be leveraged across (and automated by) multivendor capabilities, and how tasks currently consuming significant resources can be dramatically reduced (for example, recovery, provisioning, and procurement).

Moreover, as storage technologies continue to mature and more servers participate in networked storage (SAN and NAS), ITOs will be forced into measuring delivered capabilities as storage becomes a service that is delivered to the business in business speak (such as performance, availability, flexibility to change), and associated cost tradeoffs based on their selection of tiered services is clearly understood .

Robert Spalding has been a respected authority on storage and storage management for the past 20 years . Having worked with Robert in the past, he was the first person to begin describing the need, and preparations necessary, for an adaptive storage infrastructure. In doing so in 1995, Bob began speaking about the need for a Chief Storage Officer.

Much of this thought leadership has manifested itself in Roberts published works, and specifically in this book, Storage Networks: The Complete Reference . As an industry analyst covering the entire storage and storage management market, it has been my experience that simple yet technical reference books are extremely useful. Im sure storage professionals will benefit greatly by having this as a staple manual on their desk. Enjoy.


Sean Derrington is a leading authority on storage and storage management infrastructures. He specializes in storage subsystems, Fibre Channel, Storage Area Networks, Network Attached Storage, backup/recovery, and disaster recovery architectures, with a concentration on e-business, transactional, and analytic storage infrastructures . Sean joined META Group in July, 1995. He has a B.S. degree in Material Science and Engineering as well as a B.S. degree in Engineering and Public Policy, both from Carnegie Mellon University. Sean can be reached at

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