Acknowledgments from Mark Russinovich

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When I picked up a copy of Inside Windows NT, second edition, I was suitably impressed. Dave had done a fantastic job of detailing the operation of Windows NT, while at the same time making the description accessible through interesting experiments and lucid writing. I was working on my own Windows NT internals book but was quickly realizing the enormous effort required to pull off something like Dave had. On the off chance that he would agree, I e-mailed Dave with the suggestion that we work together on the third edition. I was thrilled when he brought me on board, and I thank him for the opportunity.

As Dave has said already, we learned a tremendous amount from each other and had a great time. There are as many "dumb things Mark learned from Dave" as "dumb things Dave learned from Mark" (well, not quite as many), which just highlights how our different perspectives made the book better. Often, neither of us would know the answer to a complex question about Windows NT behavior one of us had pondered for years, triggering furious multihour research efforts in which only our combined resources met the challenge. I look forward to working with him on future editions.

I also have to thank Bryce Cogswell and Edwin Brasch of Winternals Software for their patience and support while I devoted several months to the book.

I owe Rich Neves thanks for being a good friend and for enabling my effort on the book to be part of my official responsibilities while I worked at IBM Research.

My parents, Nicholas and Vera Russinovich, provided unlimited support and encouragement through my educational years, instilling in me the desire to learn as much as I can. My father, who passed away while I was writing this book, would have been especially proud of this achievement.

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Susan, who is the most important person in my life. She not only sacrificed the many nights and weekends that I devoted to this book by keeping me company, but also encouraged me through the whole process. Her tolerance of my omnipresent computers without a doubt merits a medal.

Inside Microsoft Windows 2000
Inside Microsoft Windows 2000, Third Edition (Microsoft Programming Series)
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