Chapter 1 -- Concepts and Tools

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Chapter 1

In this chapter, we'll introduce the key Microsoft Windows 2000 concepts and terms we'll be using throughout this book, such as the Microsoft Win32 API, processes, threads, virtual memory, kernel mode and user mode, objects, handles, security, and the registry. We'll also introduce the tools that you can use to explore Windows 2000 internals, such as the Performance tool, the kernel debugger, the special tools on the companion CD, and the various add-on tool packages such as the Windows 2000 Support Tools, Windows 2000 debugging tools, Windows 2000 resource kits, and the Platform Software Development Kit (SDK). In addition, we'll explain how you can use the Windows 2000 Device Driver Kit (DDK) as a resource for finding further information on Windows 2000 internals.

Be sure that you understand everything in this chapter—the remainder of the book is written assuming that you do.

Inside Microsoft Windows 2000
Inside Microsoft Windows 2000, Third Edition (Microsoft Programming Series)
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