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T-SQL 2nd
     for attaching database
     backing up all user databases using
     configuring linked server using
     for detaching database
     enabling ad hoc queries using
     to find number of records
     restore database from full backup strategy using
     restore database from simple backup strategy using
Table cells, editing text in
Table lock
Table permissions
Table scan 2nd
Table(s) [See also Indexes on tables]
     granting access to
     implement versioning on file in
     indexes on
     limiting access to
     modifying access to
     obtain list of
     retrieving information about, in database
Table-valued functions
TAKE OWNERSHIP permissions 2nd
Tape devices
TCP port 1433
TCP port address
     connecting over the Internet through
     enable remote connections using
     validating, in SQL Server
Terminate procedure
Text 2nd
Text data, how to case as XML
Text-message server
Textbox Properties dialog box
Textbox, widen
Ticks variable
TimeSpan data type
Top ruler
     computing running
     creating sorted summary of
Transact SQL code, turn on password policy using
Transaction isolation levels
Transaction isolation, managing
Transaction log backups
     combining, and differential backups
     full backup with differential and
     full recovery model
     restore combination of full and
     time period between
Transaction Replication
Transactions in ADO.NET
Transactions in SQL Server
     auto-commit transactions
     explicit transactions
     implicit transactions
     nesting transactions
Transfer data
     automating and scheduling
     detach and attach to
     replication to
     SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to
.trn extension
Trusted Connection
TRY and CATCH block feature
Tuning queries
Typed XML

Solid Quality Learning - Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Applied Techniques Step by Step
Microsoft SQL Server 2005: Applied Techniques Step by Step (Pro-Step by Step Developer)
ISBN: 0735623163
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 115

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