Chapter 4. Payment Buttons

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Introduction: Hacks #28-44

Hack  28.   Create a Buy Now Button

Hack  29.   Use a Custom Button Image

Hack  30.   Create a Purchase Button for Services

Hack  31.   Create an Auction Payment Button

Hack  32.   Provide Purchase Options with Drop-Down Listboxes

Hack  33.   Include More Than Two Option Fields

Hack  34.   Override Shipping and Handling Preferences

Hack  35.   Build Notification Tracking

Hack  36.   Hack-Proof Your Payment

Hack  37.   Hack-Proof Your Buttons with Encryption

Hack  38.   Include Payment Buttons in Email Messages

Hack  39.   Hide Your Email Address from Spammers

Hack  40.   Accept Donations

Hack  41.   PayPal-Enable Your Flash

Hack  42.   Get More Out of Dreamweaver and PayPal

Hack  43.   Provide Options with ASP.NET Web Controls

Hack  44.   Try Accepting Payments in a Bogus Currency

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PayPal Hacks
PayPal Hacks
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