Advanced Exercises


Suppose the link between routers 1 and 2 is down in the Internet shown in Figure 10-1 on page 390. What happens if someone at site C sends a message to a user on a workstation attached to the Ethernet cable at site A? What happens if the router at site A is down? What does this tell you about designing network configurations?


If you have a class B network and want to divide it into subnets, each with 126 hosts, which subnet mask should you use? How many networks will be available? What are the four addresses (broadcast and network number) for the network starting at 131.204.18?


Suppose you have 300 hosts and want to have no more than about 50 hosts per subnet. What size address block should you request from your ISP? How many class Cequivalent addresses would you need? How many subnets would you have left over from your allocation?


On your system, find two daemons running that are not listed in this chapter and explain what purpose they serve.

Review what services/daemons are automatically started on your system, and consider which you might turn off. Are there any services/daemons in the list in Table 10-4 on page 415 that you would consider adding?

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